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Tbilisi, Georgia has got a lot to offer to those who want to know about the culture and traditions of the former Soviet Union. The city is very well connected to many destinations around the world and there are numerous transport services for tourists.

In the past and the present, Georgia has played an active role in the development of the country. Although Georgia is generally regarded as a part of the Eastern Europe, it is actually a country of its own and an emerging economic power. Today, Georgia's economy is a complex mix of energy, industry and agriculture.

Georgia is a wonderful place to spend holidays and a vacation option is a great idea. There are some fabulous cities and resorts that make any holiday trip more memorable.


One of the most popular cities in Georgia is Jerozgo which is located in the East of the country. It is regarded as the "peacock city" of Georgia and has been visited by many people on their holidays. Many hotels in Jerozgo are run by international chains that include Ritz Carlton, Marriott and Hilton.

Kutaisi city is also situated in the East of Georgia and was founded on the basis of a monastery. Kutaisi Resort is located at the heart of Kutaisi city. Kutaisi Resort Hotel offers a unique selection of rooms from classic Georgian style to rustic European look.

Sanapol resort is located in South-East of Georgia. It is popular among those who love nature and serenity. The town is characterized by natural beauties and stunning mountains. Sanapol Resort Hotel offers seven star accommodations and modern amenities to meet the needs of the guests.

Situated in the Southern part of Georgia, the town of Sotauri is also known for its untouched beauty. The resort is a great place to relax and enjoy your holidays. Situated near the banks of Lake Sevan, Sotauri Resort Hotel offers a wide choice of rooms from contemporary Georgian style to rustic European look. The hotel is well connected to the airport and the town center. The resort is also easy reachable from other Georgian resorts such a size, Tskhinvali and Streliani.

One of the biggest cultural and artistic centers of the country is the Indaba, also known as the Atlanta African Business Congress. For years, it has been one of the major trade fairs of the country. The festival is an important multi-cultural event that brings together businessmen and politicians from all over the world. This year, the festival is being celebrated for its eight-year anniversary.

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