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Area Code 938, Alabama Cities, Neighborhoods and Local Features

Cities in Areacode 938
  • Red Bay
  • Goodwater

The world famous Alabama is the oldest and most popular bay of the country. The only major difference between Alabama and Red Bay is the fact that the latter has a rich flora and fauna that are very unique.


The Bay of Goodwater is one of the busiest in all of Florida, because of its wide variety of fish. It provides clean and safe water for fishing, which is a huge attraction for people in this area. The common striped bass can be found in a big number of species in the water, including the three mentioned below.

The larger ones are Alabama's top targets. They range from the three inches in length, and two feet in length, to the six inches and a half in length. These fish are known to travel as far as five miles in the bay, even when it rains. It is the main reason for the great demand of the bay in the United States.

They are called Perch in the US, but they are commonly known as Redhead Perch in the Alabama waters. They are freshwater fishes that are native to the mountains of Scotland. One of the most famous Perch species, is the Redhead Red Perch. It is quite popular in the United States as well. They are often seen in the year 2020.

In Alabama, the Redhead Redfish is available throughout the year. It is a very popular species with a distinctive call, although they are not known to be that aggressive. Their catch rate is low, and many fishermen prefer to go with the compose or smallmouth bass. This is because they are less aggressive than Redheads.

Some anglers fish a large number of species of trout, but it is mostly largemouth bass. They can be found in both Atlantic and Gulf waters, which make them an excellent choice. The largemouth bass is pretty aggressive fish, and they are aggressive when they feed. They can be found in any size, from five to thirty pounds.

River trout is less popular species of trout. They are freshwater species of trout that are native to the River Missouri. River trout are usually found in shallow waters.

This species of trout is a perch. They are found in the floodplain regions of the Alabama. They are very colorful, and people love to hunt them for their bright colors.

Prefix Usage Primary City Carrier
938-223- Landline Red Bay Sbc Internet Services
938-238- Landline Goodwater Sbc Internet Services