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  • Chicago

Illinois is a big state. It encompasses the entire northern half of the state, including Chicago, the central Illinois area and the southern half, including Alton, Mundelein, Peoria, Bloomington, East Moline, Aurora, Bloomingdale, Glen Ellyn, and Elmhurst. It also includes parts of Indiana and Kentucky in the north, Iowa and Missouri in the Midwest, Kentucky in the south, Indiana in the west, and Ohio and Indiana in the south-west. That makes it a significant state for residents and tourists to consider when visiting Chicago, Illinois.


There are a lot of options for lodging in Chicago: there are motels, cottages, bed and breakfasts, cabins, apartments, and even spas that offer mountain or lake views and more. Among the accommodations, the best option would be the lodging that offers mountain or lake views. However, some travelers prefer to stay in a small apartment with a view of the Chicago skyline. There are plenty of inexpensive options out there as well, but the simple fact remains that one needs to make sure they get enough space in their lodging and yet are still able to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

In addition to going downtown, people also need to look at different areas for what they want to do. Depending on one's budget, there are a variety of different things that they can do in Chicago. One of the best places to visit is Lincoln Park, which has been dubbed the "Little America" of Chicago. The park has lots of gardens, lakes, parks, and has streets lined with houses and business spaces. Even though it is an upscale area, it still provides a cozy retreat for visitors and residents alike.

As for the best time to visit, the valuable point of looking is during the spring. This is the ideal time to visit because the weather is nice, and it is a great time to visit. The temperature is always warm, the trees are beautiful, and you are likely to find many birds and other animals here as well. Plus, if one wants to swim, they will be able to get there on a bike. The sky is beautiful in the springtime, so it is great for strolling and taking in all the nature has to offer.

Springtime is also a great time to visit because of the many tours of interest, including the Zoo, the Illinois Science Museum, and the Illinois Aquarium, which are home to some very colorful species of marine life. Plus, there are many activities for adults, as well as younger children, to participate in. And there are many different ways to travel to these places, such as by air, bus, or car. Or, people can visit the zoo and enjoy their exciting exhibits and the exhibits of the science museum all on the same day.

The wonderful summertime season, on the other hand, is not quite as sunny as the spring, but the sky is always overcast and cool. This gives people a chance to enjoy the outdoors. Chicagoites have a lot of things to do in the city's parks, beaches, and along the lakefront. If someone wants to swim, they can do so in one of the many nice, clean beaches. There are also many wonderful walks through the park or around the lake, where they can relax and enjoy the natural sights and sounds.

One can also go on many interesting activities during the evening hours, especially if one wants to make sure they can enjoy the sights and sounds of downtown Chicago at night as well. People can attend movies, concerts, plays, and other events that are sure to please anyone who likes to take part in different kinds of entertainment. They can even check out some of the fabulous restaurants in the area that provide quality food and excellent service.

And when it comes to hotels in Chicago, the Lincoln Park Hyatt Regency is the best option, as it has a long history and a good reputation. And there are many other options in other locations of the city as well. For example, the Sheraton Lake Station offers many benefits, including having an indoor fitness center and much more. If people want to be close to one of the most famous landmarks in the city, the Hyatt Regency Chicago provides them with a nice place to stay and a good restaurant.

Prefix Usage Primary City Carrier
872-201- Wireless Chicago Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
872-202- Wireless Chicago New Cingular Wireless PCS
872-203- Landline Chicago Clec
872-205- Landline Chicago Clec
872-206- Landline Chicago Comcast Phone Of Illinois DBA Comco
872-207- Landline Chicago Clec
872-208- Landline Chicago Centurylink Communications LLC
872-209- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-210- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-212- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-213- Wireless Chicago Sprint Spectrum L.p.
872-214- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-215- Wireless Chicago Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
872-216- Landline Chicago Clec
872-218- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-220- Wireless Chicago Sprint Spectrum L.p.
872-221- Wireless Chicago Clec
872-222- Wireless Chicago Cricket Communications
872-223- Landline Chicago Sprint Spectrum L.p.
872-225- Landline Chicago Neutral Tandem-illinois
872-226- Wireless Chicago Sprint Spectrum L.p.
872-227- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-228- Wireless Chicago Cricket Communications
872-229- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-230- Wireless Chicago Sprint Spectrum L.p.
872-232- Wireless Chicago Sprint Spectrum L.p.
872-233- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-234- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-235- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-236- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-237- Wireless Chicago Sprint Spectrum L.p.
872-238- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-239- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-240- Wireless Chicago Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
872-242- Unknown Metro PCS
872-243- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-244- Landline Chicago Sbc Internet Services
872-247- Landline Chicago Ameritech Illinois
872-251- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-252- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-253- Landline Chicago Neutral Tandem-illinois
872-254- Unknown T-mobile Usa
872-256- Unknown Clec
872-301- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-303- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-305- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-307- Unknown T-mobile Usa
872-333- Landline Chicago Sprint Spectrum L.p.
872-356- Landline Chicago Neutral Tandem-illinois
872-395- Wireless Chicago Cricket Communications
872-400- Wireless Chicago Cricket Communications
872-444- Landline Chicago Sbc Internet Services
872-465- Landline Chicago Neutral Tandem-illinois
872-484- Wireless Chicago Sprint Spectrum L.p.
872-529- Landline Chicago Peerless Network Of Illinois
872-588- Wireless Chicago New Cingular Wireless PCS
872-600- Wireless Chicago Sprint Spectrum L.p.
872-639- Landline Chicago Neutral Tandem-illinois
872-666- Landline Chicago Peerless Network Of Illinois
872-701- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-702- Wireless Chicago Sprint Spectrum L.p.
872-703- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-704- Landline Chicago Clec
872-706- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-707- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-713- Unknown Clec
872-777- Landline Chicago Peerless Network Of Illinois
872-800- Wireless Chicago Sprint Spectrum L.p.
872-801- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-802- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-803- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-806- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-808- Wireless Chicago T-mobile Usa
872-825- Landline Chicago Ameritech Illinois
872-829- Landline Chicago Neutral Tandem-illinois
872-888- Landline Chicago Xo Illinois
872-999- Landline Chicago Neutral Tandem-illinois