Area Code 747 Location - California

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Area Code 747 Map and Location

Area Code 747, California Cities, Neighborhoods and Local Features

Cities in Areacode 747
  • Agoura Hills
  • Burbank
  • Calabasas
  • North Glendale
  • La CaƱada Flintridge
  • San Fernando


California has been hailed as the third largest state in the US. The state's cultural and scenic beauty make it a great place to live. It also boasts of a number of cities, towns and other communities that are so aesthetically appealing and offer a lifestyle that is usually much more relaxed and enjoyable than most people ever get to experience.

If you're looking for a fun way to spend your California holiday, then you must consider the city of Agoura Hills. A few miles from San Fernando and L.A., this city is one of the most beautiful and historic in the entire state. It is also home to many well-known stars, who have recorded their songs here, which have been famous and have achieved worldwide popularity.

People who wish to spend their California holidays at Agoura Hills can experience the many reasons why so many people visit the place. The city is the home of many celebrities, including Nicole Kidman, Michael Douglas, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Hilary Duff, Natalie Portman, Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire, Jude Law, and Heath Ledger. All these celebrities are famous for their different roles and because of this, they have become a focal point for everyone. Agoura Hills has many movies and TV shows that have become popular amongst the audiences all over the world.

In addition to all these celebrities, Agoura Hills is also known for its educational institutions and institutes. If you are looking for a good school, then you must explore the campus of Agoura College, a prestigious institution in California.

Museums in California are a lot of fun. If you wish to attend a movie in the state, then you must be ready to enjoy the art galleries and museums in California. There are many of them, such as the California Art Museum, the Gold Country Art Museum, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Since there is a large variety of artworks, you can always find something that will suit your taste. The arts and culture are also a part of the culture of California. You can experience the beauty of San Francisco, if you are in the city of Los Angeles.

If you are in a California town or city, you can do some sightseeing, but you will also want to take advantage of the many national parks in the state. All of these will help you get into the mind-set of being a Californian. By visiting these parks, you will be able to experience the scenic beauty of the country.

Visit Agoura Hills and enjoy the beauty of the place, and then try your luck with a Hollywood film. You might just discover a whole new world.

Prefix Usage Primary City Carrier
747-200- Landline Los Angeles Level 3 Communications
747-201- Landline Burbank Level 3 Communications
747-202- Landline Northridge Level 3 Communications
747-220- Landline Agoura Peerless Network Of California
747-221- Landline Los Angeles Level 3 Communications
747-222- Landline Agoura Telcentris Communications
747-223- Landline Sun Valley Peerless Network Of California
747-224- Landline Northridge Mci Worldcom Communications, Ca
747-225- Landline Pacoima Time Warner Cbl Info Svcs (ca) DBAtime Warner Cbl
747-226- Landline Sherman Oaks Time Warner Cbl Info Svcs (ca) DBAtime Warner Cbl
747-228- Landline Glendale Connectto Communications
747-229- Unknown Level 3 Communications
747-232- Wireless Granada Hills Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
747-233- Landline Van Nuys Centurylink Communications LLC
747-300- Landline Granada Hills Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
747-322- Landline San Fernando Peerless Network Of California
747-333- Landline Los Angeles Telcentris Communications
747-400- Landline Los Angeles Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
747-444- Landline Canoga Park Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
747-477- Landline Los Angeles Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
747-500- Landline San Fernando Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
747-529- Landline Sepulveda Telcentris Communications
747-600- Landline Granada Hills Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
747-666- Landline Agoura Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
747-777- Landline Canoga Park Telcentris Communications
747-800- Landline Canoga Park Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
747-888- Landline Canoga Park Telcentris Communications
747-900- Landline Canoga Park Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
747-999- Landline San Fernando Telcentris Communications