Area Code 657 Location - California

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Area Code 657 Map and Location

Area Code 657, California Cities, Neighborhoods and Local Features

Cities in Areacode 657
  • Anaheim
  • Brea
  • Buena Park
  • Cypress
  • Fountain Valley
  • Fullerton
  • Garden Grove
  • Huntington Beach
  • Orange
  • Placentia
  • Santa Ana
  • Stanton
  • North Tustin
  • Westminster
  • Yorba Linda


It is not difficult to understand why there are so many people moving to California. The California economy is thriving, the California workforce is the best in the country, and the California medical care system is world class. But, not everyone moves because they want to. Many people move to California for a variety of reasons.

For example, when I was in high school, I was fortunate enough to attend a national school in a small rural area in Northern California. We spent three years in this school, and it was there that I discovered a love of nature. The scenery, the animals, the sheer beauty of nature...I still remember the first day that we were allowed out of our bus and hiking down a winding, slippery, rocky trail. My shoes were soaking wet by the time we got to the bottom of the trail.

After that first experience, I never wanted to go home. Now, let me say that my dad is an avid hiker, but even he hasn't been hiking on the beaches of Southern California. So it is understandable that we did not move to Southern California for the beaches, although one has to wonder if the point of going to college and then going to grad school in Southern California would have been compromised by not going to Southern California. But anyway, that's another story.

What I'm trying to say is that college, working, and grad school are all interrelated, so it makes sense that this lifestyle that I lived and worked in would find its way into my adult life, because I went to school and worked in Southern California. So the more I read about California, the more fascinated I became with the idea of moving to California to live and work.

Of course, you could also take the time to explore and improve your career or personal growth in an area other than where you currently reside. For example, I have always loved surfing, and surfing has found a new home in Southern California, along with all the action sports that take place here in the winter. But, maybe you like the culture of LA, and you would like to be a part of a large city that enjoys cultural and gastronomic pleasures like no other. That is a great place to live and work, and it provides an amazing lifestyle for those who truly love and appreciate California.

Another reason to move to California is the cost of living. In Orange County, there are so many luxuries to live in, including, but not limited to: local art galleries, exceptional shopping opportunities, premier dining establishments, and a thriving business community. In fact, some of the largest corporations in America have their headquarters in Southern California, and many have relocated their headquarters to Southern California to be near the culture that they love and support.

All of these things provide a lot of reasons for those who are ready to live in California to move here for personal growth. Perhaps, however, those who have already moved here, and have become acclimated, have some reasons that the reasons listed above do not really apply to them.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to live and work in California, the choice is yours, and there are so many reasons to move to Southern California, not just for personal growth. But, remember that if you are really passionate about something, that passion must be in direct proportion to the degree to which you can support it. So be sure to come prepared!

Prefix Usage Primary City Carrier
657-200- Landline Westminster Metropcs Networks
657-201- Wireless Anaheim Metropcs Networks
657-202- Landline Anaheim Peerless Network Of California
657-203- Landline Huntington Beach Level 3 Communications
657-204- Landline Huntington Beach Clec
657-205- Landline Santa Ana Mci Worldcom Communications, Ca
657-206- Wireless Garden Grove T-mobile Usa
657-207- Wireless Anaheim Metropcs Networks
657-208- Landline Anaheim Broadvox-clec
657-210- Landline Santa Ana Clec
657-212- Landline Santa Ana Level 3 Communications
657-214- Landline Cypress Clec
657-215- Landline Huntington Beach Level 3 Communications
657-216- Landline Placentia Clec
657-217- Wireless Fullerton Clec
657-218- Landline Santa Ana Time Warner Cbl Info Svcs (ca) DBAtime Warner Cbl
657-220- Landline Anaheim Time Warner Cbl Info Svcs (ca) DBAtime Warner Cbl
657-221- Landline Orange Level 3 Communications
657-222- Landline Cypress Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
657-223- Landline Orange Time Warner Cbl Info Svcs (ca) DBAtime Warner Cbl
657-224- Landline Orange Peerless Network Of California
657-225- Landline Fullerton Peerless Network Of California
657-226- Landline Placentia Clec
657-227- Landline Long Beach Time Warner Cbl Info Svcs (ca) DBAtime Warner Cbl
657-228- Landline Santa Ana Peerless Network Of California
657-229- Landline Santa Ana Clec
657-231- Landline Anaheim Sbc Internet Services
657-232- Landline Anaheim Time Warner Cbl Info Svcs (ca) DBAtime Warner Cbl
657-233- Landline Garden Grove Sbc Internet Services
657-234- Landline Yorba Linda Clec
657-235- Landline Santa Ana Clec
657-236- Wireless Orange Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
657-237- Unknown Level 3 Communications
657-238- Unknown T-mobile Usa
657-241- Landline Anaheim Paetec Communications
657-242- Unknown Level 3 Communications
657-243- Unknown Level 3 Communications
657-245- Landline Santa Ana Peerless Network Of California
657-251- Landline Garden Grove Time Warner Cbl Info Svcs (ca) DBAtime Warner Cbl
657-269- Wireless Anaheim Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
657-278- Landline Fullerton Pacific Bell
657-300- Landline Huntington Beach Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
657-330- Landline Fullerton Peerless Network Of California
657-333- Landline Orange Telcentris Communications
657-378- Landline Fullerton Peerless Network Of California
657-383- Landline Santa Ana Peerless Network Of California
657-400- Landline Westminster Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
657-444- Landline Placentia Telcentris Communications
657-464- Landline Huntington Beach Clec
657-500- Landline Fullerton Telcentris Communications
657-529- Landline Buena Park Telcentris Communications
657-549- Landline Anaheim Clec
657-600- Landline Santa Ana Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
657-622- Landline Santa Ana Pacific Bell
657-666- Landline Long Beach Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
657-667- Landline Garden Grove Time Warner Cbl Info Svcs (ca) DBAtime Warner Cbl
657-777- Landline Cypress Telcentris Communications
657-800- Landline Garden Grove Cf Communications DBA Telekenex
657-845- Landline Huntington Beach Time Warner Cbl Info Svcs (ca) DBAtime Warner Cbl
657-859- Landline Santa Ana Cox California Telcom, L.l.c.
657-888- Landline Orange Telcentris Communications
657-900- Landline Santa Ana Telcentris Communications
657-999- Landline Anaheim Telcentris Communications