Area Code 430 Location - Texas

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Area Code 430 Map and Location

Area Code 430, Texas Cities, Neighborhoods and Local Features

Cities in Areacode 430
  • Texarkana
  • Longview
  • Beckville
  • Mt Pleasant
  • Lindale
  • De Berry
  • Kemp
  • Atlanta
  • Hughes Spgs
  • Whitewright
  • Troup
  • Canton
  • Lone Oak
  • Palestine
  • Murchison
  • Winnsboro
  • Trinidad
  • Montalba
  • Rusk
  • Mabank
  • Overton
  • Mt Enterprise
  • Mineola
  • Mount Enterprise
  • Malakoff
  • Athens
  • Kerens
  • Jefferson
  • Hughes Springs
  • Hawkins
  • Harleton
  • Hallsville
  • Henderson
  • Gladewater
  • Gilmer
  • Chandler
  • Carthage
  • Brownsboro
  • Big Sandy

While there are so many good reasons to move to Texas, the potential economic benefits far outweigh any one of them. Whether you're moving for job opportunities or just for the sake of exploring a new lifestyle, you'll find that everything you need to know is right at your fingertips. Whether you're moving for good family reunions or to move into the Texas oil and gas industry, you can get the help you need when you go online. But before you begin to plan your Texas relocation, it's important to understand what makes Texas so great.


Texas has low taxes. The low tax rates can add up to a considerable amount of money each year. Texas residents are eligible for state-funded education, which means that kids from working class families won't have to attend private schools. There's also very little property tax, which means that a homeowner will save more than most homeowners in the rest of the country.

The great weather is another reason why so many people choose to relocate to Texas. The climate in the state is temperate all year long. This year the state will be getting through its coldest period since 1926. So if you're a person who enjoys the natural environment and enjoys the warm weather, Texas is for you.

Texas isn't as expensive as some other states are, but it's still not cheap. With the cost of living in Texas being lower than almost anywhere else in the United States, this makes the state very affordable. So while the annual cost of living in Austin is higher than most places in the United States, you will find that every year the costs are reduced for you. And if you are planning on making your home in one of the fastest growing cities in the country, it's obvious that you'll end up paying less in terms of rent.

The economy in Texas is great for everyone, but particularly for those who live outside of the state, like the residents of California and other non-Texans. In fact, all of the net gains during the economic recovery have gone into Texas coffers. So while other parts of the country struggle to make ends meet, Texas continues to prosper, with everyone doing well.

Unlike some other states, Texas offers a younger population of well-educated and ambitious young adults. Since so many young people do want to make their home in Texas, the employment and educational opportunities are vast. This is due to the fact that Texas is such a vast, diverse state.

The good things about Texas do not stop with its great economy and world-class tourism attractions. It also has a wonderful atmosphere, and a state that welcomes individuals from around the world. Texas has a well-known hospitality and great reputation, both of which you can experience in a large way when you relocate. With such a wide range of establishments available to you and the ease of using and communicating with your friends and family, there's no reason not to move to Texas.

While it may seem like the good things that make Texas great don't really apply to everyone, it's still important to realize that these benefits can be enjoyed by anyone. You don't have to be living in Dallas or Houston to enjoy the abundance of great Texas options. Because the rules are the same no matter where you live, the only thing that may change is your perception of them.

Prefix Usage Primary City Carrier
430-200- Wireless Texarkana Sprint Spectrum L.p.
430-201- Landline Longview Ionex Communications South
430-203- Landline Beckville Level 3 Communications
430-206- Unknown Centurylink Communications LLC
430-207- Unknown Level 3 Communications
430-208- Unknown Level 3 Communications
430-215- Unknown 365 Wireless
430-222- Landline Mt Pleasant Teleport Communications Group - Dallas
430-229- Wireless Longview Halo Wireless, Inc
430-235- Landline Lindale Sbc Internet Services
430-241- Landline De Berry Zeus Wireless LLC
430-249- Landline Mt Pleasant Zeus Wireless LLC
430-255- Wireless Kemp Peerless Network Of Texas
430-342- Landline Atlanta Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless
430-558- Landline Longview Clec
430-562- Landline Atlanta Sbc Internet Services
430-625- Landline Longview Sbc Internet Services
430-701- Landline Hughes Spgs Cebridge Telecom Tx, L.p.
430-702- Landline Longview Cebridge Telecom Tx, L.p.
430-703- Landline Whitewright Peerless Network Of Texas
430-777- Landline Troup Worldcall Interconnect Inc.
430-803- Landline Canton Peerless Network Of Texas
430-808- Landline Lone Oak Peerless Network Of Texas
430-888- Landline Palestine Worldcall Interconnect Inc.
430-965- Wireless Murchison Digicomm Communications
430-966- Wireless Winnsboro Digicomm Communications
430-968- Wireless Troup Digicomm Communications
430-969- Wireless Trinidad Digicomm Communications
430-970- Wireless Montalba Digicomm Communications
430-971- Wireless Rusk Digicomm Communications
430-973- Wireless Mabank Digicomm Communications
430-974- Wireless Overton Digicomm Communications
430-977- Wireless Mt Pleasant Digicomm Communications
430-978- Wireless Mt Enterprise Digicomm Communications
430-979- Wireless Montalba Digicomm Communications
430-980- Wireless Mineola Digicomm Communications
430-981- Wireless Mount Enterprise Digicomm Communications
430-983- Wireless Malakoff Digicomm Communications
430-984- Wireless Athens Digicomm Communications
430-985- Wireless Kerens Digicomm Communications
430-986- Wireless Kemp Digicomm Communications
430-987- Wireless Jefferson Digicomm Communications
430-988- Wireless Hughes Springs Digicomm Communications
430-989- Wireless Hawkins Digicomm Communications
430-990- Wireless Harleton Digicomm Communications
430-991- Wireless Hallsville Digicomm Communications
430-992- Wireless Henderson Digicomm Communications
430-993- Wireless Gladewater Digicomm Communications
430-994- Wireless Gilmer Digicomm Communications
430-995- Wireless Chandler Digicomm Communications
430-996- Wireless Carthage Digicomm Communications
430-997- Wireless Brownsboro Digicomm Communications
430-998- Wireless Big Sandy Digicomm Communications
430-999- Wireless Atlanta Digicomm Communications