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Cities in Areacode 272
  • Back Mountain
  • Hazleton
  • Scranton
  • Wilkes-Barre
  • Williamsport

A recent article was released about the latest expansion to the case of Fracking in Pennsylvania, recently approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. If you have not read it, I strongly suggest that you do so before you continue reading this article.


As the owner of a trucking company I am constantly faced with transporting heavy equipment and materials such as salt and water. No matter what the nature of the material being transported, there is no matter that does not require a good delivery or haul truck.

The state of Pennsylvania has always been one of the most active in power generation as we now witness the recent purchase of two coal plants. These will allow for the construction of the biggest electric generator plant in the country, thus creating the capacity to produce electricity in abundance.

Unfortunately, the EPA is giving them some sort of approval for natural gas plants that are located near Pennsylvania and New York State. The fact is that in Pennsylvania, we already have a major public agreement that is not meeting local standards for air quality. So it is fair to say that in terms of regulations for air quality, Pennsylvania, even when they can, is not trying to meet them, hence this issue.

There are already a few new developments being built to transport natural and flammable liquids from one place to another. However, this will only add to the already established problems in transporting materials. Then, the EPA has come up with new regulations that would force these companies to take certain steps, which would result in increased costs and also additional inconvenience.

In addition, there are issues surrounding transportation of acid mine wastes in Pennsylvania and the most recent example that has been released involves the transportation of chemicals used in the refining process. The Environmental Protection Agency is now demanding that they be transported in special containers which would ensure that they arrive safely, if at all, instead of being stored on-site.

There is also a problem in shipping the chemicals and waste from the Back Mountain area of Pennsylvania to the chemical plant in Newark, New Jersey. This is due to ongoing issues with water pollution from the areas. Again, the EPA is calling for a plan to prevent this problem from worsening.

The government has a responsibility to enforce the environmental laws that are in place. Unfortunately, they seem to be doing the exact opposite. If you haven't already done so, please consider all this and think on it.

Prefix Usage Primary City Carrier
272-222- Landline Beaver Spgs Voxbeam Telecommunications Inc.
272-762- Unknown Verizon Pennsylvania
272-888- Landline Lake Ariel Voxbeam Telecommunications Inc.